Above the City by Liza Zabarsky

Above the City by Liza Zabarsky

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About the Artist:

1999 – in Tel-Aviv university.
2008 –illustrated the book “Sefer Hakilyonot” that was published
by Keneret Zmora Bitan publicity house.
2011 –personal exhibition in Einav Center of Culture in Tel-Aviv.
2012 – Participated in “Omavut sodit” (secret art) group exhibition.
2012- Personal exhibition in “Artura” gallery in Jaffa.

Artists statement:
"Making art is my way of living since the childhood and I don’t stick to any concept
Art is my main channel of saying and communicating with the world, therefore i think that it is expressive and existential and not ideological." (Liza zabarsky)


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