Mammoth Ivory- Scene of a Fisherman with Hat

Mammoth Ivory- Scene of a Fisherman with Hat

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Top Quality Carving Ivory Master piece!
Scene of a Fisherman with hat,The fisherman is holding a Fish.
The fisherman is holding a traditional fishing rod and a fish in his hand.
We can understand that the artist caught and froze the moment when the fisherman caught the fish, with a big smile on the face and proud look in his eyes.
We are elated and feel solidarity thanks to the great ivory work that gives us a feeling like we are inside the scene.
In order to increase the sense of realism, the artist painted on the cloth and the face of the fisherman, he looks like a small man alive.
This statue is signed by the artist and laid on a teak wood, that looks like the place he is fishing from.
* Mammoth ivory Legal to ship worldwide with CITES
* We don't deal with illegal elephant ivory

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