Nuclear Energy Plant at Shivtei Yisrael Comunity (Children Playing)

Nuclear Energy Plant at Shivtei Yisrael Comunity (Children Playing)

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About the Artist: In front of his motifs, Noah Lubin wants everything at the same time: to take possession of them, to seize their character, and to express himself entirely. Painting for Noah Lubin is not only an aesthetic experience. He does not aim only at elegance and harmony, but at honesty and purity. The force of the independence of Noah Lubin is the refusal to burden himself and to let himself been influenced by what he knows about forms and to give himself up to color and lines and to represent only what he sees, what he understands about the other and of his place. His free painting leads back to simplicity. It reveals to us a reality that we are surprised to recognize. The exaltation of color gives Lubin’s paintings a joy and an explosive power which allows him to express strikingly the rhythms inscribed in the characters, their relations and the space in which he represents them. In the movement of the strokes of color and their luminosity, appears the joy, the painting releases with a blast a young and original emotion. In strokes or in patches the execution shows command, but more than that it shows an audacity and a freedom which is used as a medium to convey the intensity of expression, to express his emotion and to keep the freshness of the inspiration while expressing his vision.
Length: 80 cm
Height: 100 cm

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