Small Alley by Zvi Shor

Small Alley by Zvi Shor

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About the Artist:

Zvi Shor was born in 1898 in Russia. Shor came to Israel in 1921 and taught art at the Reali High School in Haifa. After two years in Paris (1936-1938) during which time he participated in an exhibition called "Womanly Image in Painting" together with Renoir,Picasso,Leger,etc., he returned home and joined Kibbutz Givat Hashlosha.
Thereafter he taught art in its school as well as in the Kibbutz Teachers' Training Institute. Adept at producing a wide range of colors using only the basic ones,Shor also knew the secret of absorbing the nuances of our light,and the result was very Ce'zanne-like. 
His first exhibition in 1931 was introduced by the Mayor, Meir Dizengoff, and twice thereafter he was awarded the Dizengoff Prize.
His works were shown in nearly all the museums in Israel, the Milo Club, the Rosenfeld Gallery, etc. Zvi Shor died in 1979.


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