A Meissen Porcelain Pheasant With His Goslings

A Meissen Porcelain Pheasant With His Goslings

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A Meissen Porcelain Group Figure In The Form Of A Pheasant With His Goslings, 1969
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15 Cm High

About Meissen Porcelain

Since the early 13th century, Europe’s ruling houses had been importing porcelain at mind-boggling prices from China. Research aimed at cracking the secret of how porcelain was made commenced at Meißen early in the 18th century. Those involved were Johann Friedrich Böttger, Ehrenfried Walther von Tschirnhaus, the Freiberg Mining Counsellor Gottfried Pabst von Ohain and further mining and smelting specialists. The research was commissioned by Augustus the Strong, Elector Prince of Saxony and King of Poland.

The work proved successful. The first white porcelain was produced in 1708 under the direction of Johann Friedrich Böttger. Europe’s first porcelain had been born.

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