Abstract Colorful by Suly Wolff

Abstract Colorful by Suly Wolff

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About the Artist:

Suly Burnstein Wolff was born in 1957 in Brazil and immigrated to Israel in 1976.
Wolff's paintings are inspired by personal images extracted from her private world.
A fascinating associative world that leads the viewer to imaginary scenes and kaleidoscopic experiences appealing to intellect and emotions alike.
Wolff does not settle for a single style in her artistic practice, the most conspicuous of her recent series is that of landscape paintings alluding to ideal, utopian natural landscapes embedded with houses and cityscapes.
Wolff creates a grid of quadrangular color surfaces, patterns of an urban landscape extending on a hilltop,
a series that ranges between abstract images and semi-realistic textural forms.
Another striking series in terms of coloration spans her flower paintings, the flowers are portrayed in stylized arrangements,
and some of them seem to fulfill an anthropomorphic function.
These are not conventional flower renditions, and their variety or belonging to authentic flower species is clearly insignificant.
The flowers address memories associated with colors and convey feelings to the viewer's heart.
Suly Wolff furnishes her viewers with a colorful, somewhat mystical experience through vital paintings that shed light on her persona as a confident, independent artist.


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