Flowers in Buttons_3

Flowers in Buttons_3

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About the Artist:

Tal Sher, an autodidact artist, creating in a mixed technique, acrylic paint on canvas and buttons on canvas. Tal’s work reflects her complexed inner world, a mixture of feelings and emotions, imagination and reality, universal and spiritual elements. In her work, the combined concepts of Network and Flowers intervened with each other, are specially repeated thus, creating a close relationship between them. The Network symbolizes the recognition of the existing connection between one to another by a greater power than the sum of all of us together. The connection to the power and between one to another is grounded by love and compassion. The Flowers symbolize the nature and continuity as well as the deepest part that exists in each and every one of us. Flowers are more essential and delicate then the plant from which they came from, they did not materialize in reality yet, like babies just born, the Flowers are the bridge between the spiritual and the material worlds. It is tough to stay non chalant when looking at the Flowers and Networks expressed in a dynamic, abstractic and colorful work of art.


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