Green Landscape View by Oded Feingersh

Green Landscape View by Oded Feingersh

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About the Artist:
Oded Feingersh was born in 1938 in Israel and started his career as a chemical engineer.
He studied at the Bezalel School from 1960-1963 and later in Paris, Brussels and Madrid.
much materials from all kinds of media and techniques.– The group succeeded in introducing considerable freshness into the Israel art scene of the 1960's.
By the late 1970s, his studies brought him back to Israel where he explored the geography of Israel at
the Avshalom Institute from 1979-1983. He has been a noteworthy figure in Israel's fine arts scene
since the early 1970s. A prolific painter and printmaker, Feingersh’s art has been the focus of 85 one-man shows.
Feingersh's work ranges between social realism, naturalism, pop-art and surrealism. –
As a vagabond-artist, he draw endless influences from all around the world, his world is
abundant with personal and collective mythology, classic and modern influences, from the medieval art to Hieronymus Bosch and Thomas Huffman


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