Houses Around the Lake by Albert Goldman

Houses Around the Lake by Albert Goldman

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About the Artist:

Albert Goldman was born in 1922 in Egypt.

Goldman showed an early childhood talent for drawing and painting.

In 1940 he obtained a diploma of commerce and opted for a career in the hospitality industry,

following in the footsteps of his parents who operated the Majestic Palace Hotel in Alexandria.

He moved to Cairo in 1942 to study Swiss Hotel Management at Egyptian Hotels Limited, the largest hotel company in the Middle East at the time.

By 1947 he was the manager of the Luxor Hotel.

In 1948, during the Israeli War of Independence, he was brutally attacked by a mob during an air raid by Israeli planes, accused of being a Zionist signaling to the enemy.

He miraculously survived 12 stab wounds to the back.

In March 1950 he married Lucette Blumenthal and they have been married to this day.

At the time, they both knew their days in Egypt were numbered.

On September 5, 1951 the couple disembarked onto the shores of Israel aboard the 'Artza'.


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