Jerusalem in the Hand of God by Ari Harpaz

Jerusalem in the Hand of God by Ari Harpaz

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About the Artist: 

Arie Harpaz was born in 1941 in Romania, was raised and educated in Israel. He gained significant recognition for his contributions to the field of surreal art. He began his training with a sponsorship by the City of Tel Aviv at the Fine Art School in Tel Aviv where he studied under the tutelage of Joseph Louizada, before venturing into the world of Fantastic Surrealism which he mastered while studying under Antonioni Casale in Genoa, Italy

Arie's first exhibit opened in 1975 in Tel Aviv, and since, his work is seen throughout the USA, Europe and Israel. Arie Harpaz also collaborated with such well known painters and sculptors as Sandu Liberman, Antoni Juan Lopez, Guy Garcia and Louis Montoya

Arie Harpaz died in 2008.


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