Mammoth Ivory- Family of Dragons

Mammoth Ivory- Family of Dragons

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Distinctive mammoth ivory carving of a family of dragons.
Look at the expressions and the delicate carving done on the feet.
Each dragon is clearly visible and it shows the skill of the carver as each layer of solid ivory was chiseled away and crafted into such delightful piece of art.
Look at the perfect body, fine details, perfect curves that have been so painstakingly carved into the ivory.
In varying sizes, the dragons are detailed, real-like and seem to come alive in the sculpture.
With clear lines, delicate clean curves, the skill of the artist is reflected in the intense study of the dragon and clear demarcation in ivory.
This high quality statue is laid on a teak wood.
* Mammoth ivory Legal to ship worldwide with CITES
* We don't deal with illegal elephant ivory

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