Mammoth Ivory- Fisherman with Lucky Buddha

Mammoth Ivory- Fisherman with Lucky Buddha

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Distinctive mammoth ivory carving of a fisherman fishing with lucky Buddha by his side.
The man is very satisfied from just catching a fish on his fishing hook.
He's delighted by the fact that he succeeded in the mission of bringing food to his family all thanks to the lucky Buddha by his side.
Notice the fine details on the waves underneath the fisherman's feet and on the fish's scales.
Every bit of this statue is fully thought through and every detailed is shown in such accurate care.
Take a look at the fisherman's pipe resting on his hand as his face is full of satisfaction.
 Look at the Buddha's smile it looks like he is almost laughing with joy.
This high quality statue is signed by the artist and laid on a teak wood.
* Mammoth ivory Legal to ship worldwide with CITES
* We don't deal with illegal elephant ivory

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