Mammoth Ivory- Lion Family Hunting

Mammoth Ivory- Lion Family Hunting

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Unique mammoth ivory carving of a family of lions hunting together.
Every member of the lion family is hunting an animal at it's own size.
The baby lions are hunting rabbits as they are smaller and easier for them to hold on to.
The mother lioness is hunting a deer and teaching her children the right way to survive in the wild.
Notice the fine detailing on the figurines bodies and facial expressions.
The master carver managed to make this piece realist as it looks like the hunted animals are scared and on the run.
.Every bit of this statue is fully thought through and every detailed is shown in such accurate care.
This high quality statue is signed by the artist and laid on a teak wood.
* Mammoth ivory Legal to ship worldwide with CITES
* We don't deal with illegal elephant ivory

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