Still life by Moshe Bar-Am

Still life by Moshe Bar-Am

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About the Artist:

Born in Łódź, Poland in December 1920, Moshe Bar-am (Bromberg) began drawing and painting at a young age under the instruction of Prof. Bimmler of the Munich Academy. His art studies continued at Sosnowiec School of Applied Arts and then at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow at the studio of Prof. Shichulsky, until 1939.

Moshe and his brother spent a year in forced labour camps during the Second World War (Bendin, Maidanek and Niska). He recorded some of the daily war horror scenes, which were exhibited in Poland after the war. These were carried out on any piece of paper that he came across with the use of unconventional media such as tea essence mixed with oil or shoe polish, first spread on paper and then scraped carefully. He worked as a lumberjack in the camps and managed to escape. He later discovered that the rest of his family perished in the Holocaust.

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