Western Wall View by Slava Brodinsky

Western Wall View by Slava Brodinsky

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About the Artist:

Slava Brodinsky was born in Birobidzhan in the Soviet Union (now eastern Russia) in 1955. Demonstrating a surge of artistic talent at a very young age, he was sent to a fine-arts-focused high school. Once he had served in the Soviet Army, Brodinsky came home to continue his studies at the Fine Art Academy of Birobidzhan, graduating in 1979 with distinction. Throughout the ‘80s, his work was primarily large-scale, participating in one-man and group shows across the U.S.S.R.

Moving to Israel in 1991 with his wife and son, Brodinsky had a hard time acclimating to the new country, unfamiliar with Israel’s light and colors. Once he began painting again, his new surroundings dramatically affected his style, creating brighter, earthier tones with a broader sense of light and shadow. Fresh landscapes quickly seeped into his painting, inspired by his travels through the Galilee region of northern Israel and Europe. Exposing the rolling hills of Tuscany, Umbria, and the south of France, Brodinsky developed his unique style, brushing a mixture of sand, paint, and plaster on canvas. The colorful seasons of the year provided a wide spectrum for his color palette, playfully maintaining his landscape-based style.

To date, Brodinsky has exhibited as a solo artist and in groups throughout America, Russia, Canada, France, England, the Netherlands, and Japan. His work is collected across the world.


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