Woman in Cave by Rina Sutzkever

Woman in Cave by Rina Sutzkever

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About the Artist:

Russian Artist Rina Sutzkever was born in Moscow in 1945, in a home filled with the love of art and culture.
Her father - the poet Abraham Sutzkever was always surrounded with friends who were painters or sculptors, and Marc Chagal - a close friend - illustrated several of his works. The Sutzkevers immigrated to Israel in 1948, where some years later Abraham won the Israel Awardin literature.
Sutzkever first steps as a professional artist may be traced back to her work with the painter Nahum Gilboa.
She continued working with painter Moshe Rozenthalis in his studio, where she developed a realistic style faithful to Nature.
Then came her first group exhibition in Yad-Labanim in Tel Aviv.


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